Best Selling Author, Podcaster

"Next Stop" is an inspired and hilarious look at two Israelis trying to make sense of America -- and each other. I  don't think I've ever quite seen something like it!”

DAVID BACH Deputy Dean Professor

Yale School of Management

“... with ease and outrageous humor, through characters that are at once immediately recognizable and completely absurd, and yet it never strays too far from a serious message...that those who move from one place to another, something humans have done since the beginning of time, enrich our lives in countless ways.”  


President and Chief Executive officer, Leumi U.S.

We hosted Next Stop in our private events twice in NYC, and the upcoming events in Palo-Alto and LA. It’s a hilarious show that touches upon the reality in our business, and creates an all unforgettable event.


Founder of Wix
“A hilarious comedy about culture clashes, it is funny yet truthful way of looking at how different culture try to interact… relevant for any foreigner trying to work with Americans”.


Actor, Director, Producer

“NEXT STOP is a romantic, funny and compelling adventure about the New York immigrant experience, bursting with charisma from performers Ben Perry and Noga Milstein under the excellent direction of Mili Avital."


Head of Marketing, Poalim Bank

“Poalim-tech hosted Next Stop in a special event in TLV. It was a super fun and effective way to connect our clients to leaders of the top high tech companies in TLV, sharing laughs and insights about our industry."


Founder and CEO of IronSource

"I loved Next Stop!!!It's very hard to understand how hard, frustrating and

very often also funny is to be an Israeli entrepreneur... they just get it!


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